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Garbarino MU Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

The Garbarino MU Centrifugal Pump is designed for use in fresh and sea water, condensate, oils, chemical and petrochemical products.

The Garbarino MU is used in the shipbuilding industry, heating plants, air conditioning system, aqueducts, effluent treatment plants, fire fighting, petrochemical plants.
The small and medium sized pumps can be equipped with a built-in priming element. All sizes can be supplied in self-priming versions with an additional air ejector.
It is possible to remove the rotating components without disturbing pipes, pump casing and the motor by using a flexible spacer coupling.
The base plate is generally built of welded steel and it can be provided with drain-pan for possible drippings.
To comply with special requirements (non magnetic and/or anti vibration) it can be manufactured in stainless steel (AISI 316) and equipped with anti vibration and/or anti-shock resilient mountings.

The pump is a centrifugal type, has an end suction single volute casing, single flow and an axial inlet.
The impeller is highly efficient, closed type, statically and dynamically balanced. It has low axial thrust due to balancing holes provided with the impeller.
The mounting system has a shaft that is supported by radial and thrust type bearings placed in an oil bath bracket or, upon request, by self lubricated or grease lubricated ball bearings. The bracket is usually made of cast-iron, bronze or stainless steel for special executions (non magnetic pumps).
The seal is a single mechanical seal to DIN29960.

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