Cerberus Smoke Detectors

Lavastica International supplies a wide range of Cerberus Smoke Detectors.

Cerberus DO1101A

Lavastica International can supply Cerberus Smoke Detectors worldwide.
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Article Code Description
DO1101A  Automatic optical smoke detector
DO1131A  Automatic optical smoke detector
F600  Ion smoke detector
F605  Ion smoke detector
FDA221 Aspirating Smoke Detector
FDA241 Aspirating Smoke Detector
FDL Series Linear Smoke Detector
FDL241-9 Linear Smoke Detector
FDOOT271 Neural Radio Fire Detector
LaserFOCUS VLF-250 Aspirating Smoke Detector
LaserFOCUS VLF-500 Aspirating Smoke Detector
OP110 Optical Smoke Detector
OP720 Optical smoke detector