Autronica In-Output Units

Autronica offers a wide range of input and output units. The input and output units are designed to be used in various applications. There are also Exn, Exia and Exd approved input and output units available for use in high risk applications. All of the units feature automatic addressing and short/circuit protection.


Autronica In-Output Units
Lavastica International supplies a wide range of In and Output Units from Autronica.
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Article Code Description
BN-201 Monitoring Unit
BN-300 Input Unit
BN-303 Single Monitored Input Unit
BN-304 Input/Output Unit
BN-305 Dual Monitored Input/Output Unit
BN-307 Monitored Fire Alarm Device Control Unit
BN-320/GMU-XS General Monitoring and Control Unit
BN-320/LLL Low Location Light Unit
BN-320/SV Standard Control Unit
BN-342/2 Input Unit
BN-35 Address/Interface unit
BN-500/EX Input Unit
BN-500/N Input Unit
BNB-330A Loop Interface Module
BNB-331 Loop Interface Module