Salwico Heat Detectors

Salwico Heat Detectors are designed and adopted for heavy duty applications in marine environments, the wide range of salwico detectors offers a wide choice of sensors providing optimal solutions for all potential risks and locations of the vessel. 


Salwico Heat detector

Lavastica International can supply Heat Detectors from Salwico worldwide.
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Article Code Description Manufacturer Number
EC-H/A1R Heat Detector 58ºC 5200174-00A
EC-H/A2S Heat Detector - dry space - 57°C 5200172-00A
EC-H/BS Heat Detector - dry space - 78°C 5200173-00A
SW-1EX EX Heat Detector - 57ºC 1128
SWM-1L 57 Heat detector - dry space - 57°C 037150
SWM-1L 80 Heat detector - dry space - 80°C 037151
SWM-1KL 57 Heat detector 57°C 037170
SWM-1KL-IS Heat detector 57°C 001170
SWM-1KL 80 Heat detector 80°C 037171
SWM-1KL 100 Heat detector 100°C 037172
SWM-1KL 140 Heat detector 140°C 037174
TDT-2 Heat Detector 57 °C 047150
TDT-2 Heat Detector 80 °C 047151
TDT-2 Heat Detector  57°C RoR 047152
TDT-2 Heat Detector 80°C RoR 047153
EV-PP/TDT57 Heat detector 57­°C IP22 40207
EV-PP/TDT57 RoR Heat detector 57­°C RoR IP22 40209
EV-PP/TDT80 Heat detector 80°C IP22 40208
EV-PP/TDT80 RoR Heat detector 80°C RoR IP22 40210
NS-AH/A1S Heat Detector Head 56°C N11231
NS-AH/CS Heat Detector Head 80°C N11232
HC100 A2 Heat Detector 57°C 38000
HC100 A2 IP67 Heat Detector 57°C IP67 38005
HC100 A2 IS IP67 Heat Detector 57°C IP67 5200047-00A
HC100 B Heat Detector 80°C 38015
HC100 D Heat Detector 100°C 38020
EV-H AIR Heat Detector 54ºC 040000
EV-H/CS Heat Detector 84ºC 040005