Salwico Flame Detectors

Lavastica International supplies a wide range of Flame Detectors from Salwico.


Salwico Flame DetectorsLavastica International can supply Flame Detectors from Salwico worldwide.
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Article Code Description Part No.
601FEX-M IS Flame Detector 001142
NS-DUV Conventional UV flame detector N1122
NS-AUV  Addressable UV flame detector N11121
AC-IR-3Fq Addressable/Conventional IR Flame Detector 5200236-00A
CD-F-300 Visual Flame Detector  
CD-F-301 Visual Flame Detector  
EVC-IR Dual Band Flame Detector 5200039-00A
NS-DIR  Conventional IR flame detector  
UVFD-2 UV Flame Detector  
IRFD-1 IR Flame Detector