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Rosemount I/O Box

The Rosemount I/O Box is designed to connect the Workstation Unit with the Supply and Communications Unit, as well as other equipment such as ship main computer, load calculator and a wide range of analog/digital inputs and outputs. Distributed I/O modules are connected to the I/O Box via a serial interface.

Rosemount I/O Box

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 280 x 230 x 110 mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Weight 5 kg
Serial communication interfaces Up to seven galvanically isolated RS-232 (max 15 m) or RS-485 (max 400 m) of which one is dedicated for the SCU communication
Communication protocol Rosemount Master/Slave protocol
Relays System failure, common alarm and up to six configurable relays for alarms or general output signals. Rated 250 VAC, 8 A
Analog/Digital Inputs/Outputs Field bus interface for distributed I/O modules
Connection to Workstation RS-232 max 15 m Cable supplied by Rosemount Marine
Power supply
115 VAC +10% to –15%
47-63 Hz or 230 VAC +10% to –15%
47-63 Hz.
Power consumption Max 15 VA
Sealing IP22

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